As video marketing for the web becomes a more vital part of advertising every day, companies need to start developing their video marketing strategies. Here are some helpful tips on what you will need to do to develop a stellar video marketing strategy for your company.

You should come up with a campaign based on what it is that you wish to accomplish through your videos. If you want to sell a certain product, your campaign should target the different parts of your audience in a way that they are likely to respond to. Sometimes, if your product is meant for more than a single demographic, you may have to come up with multiple marketing videos, each directed towards a specific subset of your audience. .

You also need to have well-defined goals for each of your campaigns. The campaign goals for specific videos will depend on whether they are meant for lead generation, branding purposes, to publicize upcoming sales, or for other functions. The idea is that you aren’t just churning out videos and putting them up online. For each video you make, there is a specific message you want to deliver to specific viewers, at a specific time, in order to get them to take specific actions. Your campaign strategy should include a well-spaced timeline for the release of the videos.

Along with establishing campaigns, a good video marketing strategy takes into consideration different channels and placement opportunities. Videos should be optimized based on their placement because viewers on different platforms tend to have different video watching habits. As part of your strategy, try to place videos on as many platforms as possible in order to maximize your audience, but even if you are working with the same raw footage, make sure that your production team comes up with multiple final cuts, each tailored for a specific platform.

If you are placing your video on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you need to make it short, funny, and very captivating. You need to use simple language, deliver your message in the fewest words possible, use a bit of showmanship, and utilize flashy graphics. The videos that you place on your own website could be longer and more descriptive because the people who visit your website definitely want to know more about your brand and products. As for videos that you place on YouTube, remember that they must include a call to action, and when you upload them, ensure that you add backlinks to your website or product page in the video description.

Test what works for the brand:

Just like any other good marketing strategy, testing is a vital part of a good video marketing strategy. Before placing your videos on various platforms, show them to focus groups to try and project how well they are likely to be received. You can use the reactions of the focus groups to improve the videos before you post them. After uploading your videos, make sure that you track the statistics to find out how well they are being received, how effective they are as marketing tools, whether or not they are driving sales and conversions, and what lessons you can learn from them in order to improve your subsequent videos. If some videos don’t seem to resonate with the audience, find out what it is about them that doesn’t work, and try to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Stay consistent with your brand:

Videos should help support the company’s brand and messaging. That means that they should always be in line with what the brand represents, and they shouldn’t deviate from the values that your brand has worked hard to identify itself with. If you have a recognizable logo, make sure to feature it prominently in your video. If you have a brand mascot, you can make it part of your videos (a good example is the Geico gecko). You can also use these videos to further popularize your brand by weaving a recurring theme into them.

The videos should be consistent and match other marketing efforts that you are running simultaneously to them. If the videos are part of a larger marketing campaign that you are running across multiple media platforms, make sure that they match the other aspects of the campaign. For instance, if you have posters, banner ads, billboards etc. you should have them all convey the same message as the video, and that they have the same theme. In the human mind, that kind of consistency serves to reinforce the message that you are trying to convey about your brand.

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