Corporate interview videos are used by many companies today to increase brand awareness, boost sales, enhance recruitment, and for general informational purposes.

Compared to other types of videos, corporate interview videos are more conversational and more interactive, which makes them more captivating. Here’s why your company should invest in corporate interview videos.

Corporate interview videos are a great way of highlighting activities that the company is involved in, especially those that paint the company in a positive light. Questions about a company’s corporate culture, its contributions to the community, or its philanthropic initiatives, can be brought up in an organic way in a corporate interview video.

In an interview video, you can cover lots of topics including what achievements, awards and accolades the company has recently won, the production processes that the company is currently using, the values of the company, its culture, and even its branding and marketing.

Well produced corporate interview videos can incorporate positive outlooks from different players, including managers and executives, technical experts (subject matter experts), as well as ordinary workers.

They address questions and concerns from the public

What is it that the public wants to know about your company? They may be curious about how you make certain products, how you treat your employees, or what plans you have for the future of the company.

Corporate interview videos can be used to answer all these questions. Some questions are best addressed in an interview format because there’s more room for follow-ups and clarifications.

Interviews are great for telling the company story

The interview format is very useful when telling the company story. You can use an interview-based video to familiarize prospective customers with the company’s teams.

Interviews can be used to tell the story of a company from the perspective of the workers, the managers or even the customers. You can incorporate segments featuring different interviewee in the same video to create a more comprehensive and compelling corporate story.

Properly utilizing a green screen

Shooting against a green screen is important when making corporate interview videos because it offers a great deal of flexibility. In case you have to shoot in different locations, it can save a lot of time and provide consistency. It also provides an opportunity for branding (corporate colors and logos can be added in during editing). Our team here at VMPis very well versed in properly setting up, lighting and editing green screen interview videos.

Setting up on location

Shooting on location is preferred by many companies because it gives them a better opportunity to showcase their products and processes. Setting up on location requires attention to many things, including professional lighting, cameras, and audio.

If you have to set up outdoors, your production team will have to consider factors like the position of the sun and how to power the equipment. A professional production company is better placed to handle all of the logistics involved in setting up on location.

Adding B-Roll footage during editing

B-roll is footage (your office, smiling employees, signage, etc.) that you can cut to when someone is talking. In a corporate interview video, it can help reduce monotony, make the video more engaging, and provide a lot of complementary information. Professional video producers can help you by selecting and inserting the proper B-roll footage into your interview video to make it more engaging for your viewers.

The benefits of having a professional production company make your corporate interview video

The production quality of corporate interview videos has a bearing on how effective they are at grasping viewers’ attention and relaying the intended message. If you want to ensure that you have a high-quality video, you should hire a professional production company such as Orlando video production company, FairPlay Video to produce it for you.

The production of an interview video is more complex and technically engaging than it may seem, and you need to work with people who know what they are doing


All the effort that goes into creating a great corporate interview video will be in vain if there is no clear and compelling call to action at the end of the video.

Here at FairPlay Video, our experienced post-production team will help select a strong call to action that will wrap up each and every corporate interview video. Contact us today to learn more advantages and benefits of professional corporate video production.